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Preserving the future of our beautiful Grey Highlands
Here are some sources of information, articles and documents about wind energy.

Wind Concerns Ontario (http://windconcernsontario.org)
Protecting Rural Ontario for Future Generations

The Industrial Wind Action Group (www.windaction.org)

National Wind Watch (www.wind-watch.org)

The Coalition of Residents - Tiny (http://www.cort.ca/)
(Tiny Township)

Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (http://www.appec.ca/)

The Dawn-Euphemia (Sydenham) Group (www.nosydenhamwindfarm.wordpress.com)

The Blue Highlands Citizens Coalition (http://www.bhcc.ca)
(This group has been instrumental in at least temporarily stalling the massive project proposed between Singhampton and Banks, and bringing the issues to the forefront with local councils)

Vancouver General Contractors - Vancouver's Full Service Home Renovator